Athens by Sight 2010

Unseen views of an obscure metropolis / A post-Psycho-geography of an unexplained city

No question about it. During the first decade of this century there has been a great interest on the Metropolis phenomenon, especially the ones of the periphery. This interest appeared throughout a series of disciplines such as those of Sociology, Architecture, Film, and the Visual Arts. Greece and Athens in particular didn’t stand behind and were included as a theme in a series of exhibitions and/or editions. All the same, there is still a great gap to be filled with the more “unseen” (or not so unseen) parts of the greater Athens area. The “Hidden Athens” series of exhibitions and events tries to bring together people from different backgrounds toward the creation of a hidden Athens vocabulary.  These days there is talk about a crash, financial but also cultural. This exhibition will come to add to a series of previous similar events in search of a different social responsibility. A post-Psycho-geography of an unexplained city. The Hidden Athens project consists of 3 theme-exhibitions:

The Secret City 4/11-18/11
Opening:  Thursday November 4 at 20.30
The first exhibition of the Hidden Athens project makes an effort to present the Greek capital’s hidden spots. We often think of knowing some of its parts but do we really know them? Unseen views, vast suburbia, urban ghettos, far away places within the Athenian “Wild West”. There is both a great distance and a close proximity between Private life and public life practices in Athens and drifting around the city reveals a great deal of strange phenomena.

The City of Transgression 20/11-1/12
Opening:  Saturday November 20 at 20.30
The second part of the Hidden Athens project is focusing in transgressive phenomena within the region of Athens, from the more light, everyday situations that affects practically everybody to the most hardcore criminal territories. Are there no-go zones in Athens? What is the extent of acts of vandalism and/or self-expression on the city ‘s surface. A map of violent clashes for the control of the Greek capital.

Urban Ghosts 3/12-15/12
Opening: Friday December 3 at 20.30
The third and last installment of the Hidden Athens excursion deals with a truly “haunted” Athenian theme. The city’s memories, the empty shells, the traces of a past that blends strangely with the present and the symbols that have acquired a totally different new meaning, a indecisive present that craves for a connection with its own history and a (optimistic) extension to the future…

Curator: Thanasis Moutsopoulos

Participants: group Kentro-Apokendro

Opening: Thursday 4 November 2010, 20:30

Free admission

Exhibition: 04.11-13.12.2010

Address: 5 Normanou str. 105 55 Athens, Monastiraki 


Eleanna Martinou