Group exhibitions (selected)2020Salo VIII, Salon Erotique, cur. M.Xypolopoulou and L.Quenequem,Boulevard de Melimontant, Paris| 2018 Liquid rooms-The Labyrinth,cur.L.Curci, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice | 2017 Imaginary Homeland, cur.I.Papapostolou, The Loft gallery, Athens | 2016 Lo Maximo, cur.A.Kollaros, Artik gallery, Quito, Ecuador | Imago Ignota, cur.M.Zacharioudakis, Ekfrasi gallery, Athens | Portrait Cabinet, cur.G.Lintzeris, Cheapart gallery, Athens | New Era Eaudesea, Cur.I.Bazara, Cyprus Embassy, Athens  | 2015 Beauty is The Method, cur.S.Bahtsetzis, The art gallery of Deree-The American College of Greece, Athens | Vandalism, cur.N.Giavropoulos, Cheapart gallery, Athens | Invisible Cities, cur.I.Papapostolou,Italian Institute, Athens | Reform Memory, cur.D.Vasilakou, Platforms project, Athens | 2014 Four Artaz artists,cur.A.Kollaros, 4411 Montrose Blvd, Houston Texas | States, cur.I.Papapostolou, Tsihrintzis foundation, Athens | Intercities,cur.V.Batagianni, AnantiCity Resort, Trikala | Private View, cur.A.Kollaros, Ennea9 gallery, Athens | 2013 Cultural Bridges Athens-Quito, cur.A.Kollaros, HomeIdentity Quito, Ecuador | 2012 Hidden Cities, cur. Luca Curci, Istanbul| 2011 AAO project, Parsons The New School for Design,Benaki Museum, Athens cur.L.Stergiou | 2011 Liquid Cities & Contemporary Identities, International  Artexpo & Elmur,Street Screenings, Lleida, Spain, cur.L.Curci | 2011 Layering Athens, Beton7 gallery, Athens | Crossing Identities, cur.L.Curci, Morelia, Mexico | Meditations on e-books, cur.M.Karagianni, Hellenic Cosmos, Athens  | 2010 MetArt Moves, cur.Z.Xagoraris, Kessanlis Laboratory, Athens| Hidden Athens, Τaf gallery, Athens, cur.T.Moutsopoulos | 2005 Visual Poetry, French Institut, Athens



Eleanna Martinou